Snowbirds return!

May 16, 2018 by

According to Lowell’s email (and the obvious photo evidence) some wintering “birds” returned to roost.  Dave Green, Jamie & Steve Horst, Bill Briesch I know for sure were in the warm sunshine. Added to Earl Gass, Ron Dixon Terry Anderson and “The Saint” for lunch last week.

A “get well soon” wish goes out to Joe Schaefer for recent hip surgery.

Next date is August 10th.



It’s the “Holidays” again!

November 16, 2017 by

Man…the time really flies! Mid-November already – turkeys beware! A small group met at Johnny’s 11/10 (Veteran’s Day observed) – and a nice touch was free lunch for the deserving. BTW (that’s teen speak for by the way), “thanks for your service” to all that have!

Ron Dixon, Larry Smith, Larry Harms, Earl Gass, Blaine Arnold and Lowell St. Claire made the trip. Ron brought some veteran “souvenirs” – such as the C-Ration TP he’s holding in the photo!

Ya’ll have a filling Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The next lunch is scheduled for Feb. 9th. 2018


Do you realize its been since May 2007?

August 14, 2017 by

That we have been posting this event here at the IHGUYS blog? Pretty cool!  More than happy to still see all the smiling faces (some were among the missing this month as per usual what with travels and recreational activities!).  Those making an appearance were Dave Green, Joe Rossi, Earl Gass, Larry Smith, Blaine Arnold, Ron Dixon and Walt Zachmeyer.  And of course the camera shy photographer and event coordinator Lowell The Saint!

Next lunch planned for November 10th.


Spring has sprung – or has it?

May 24, 2017 by

Hot – Cold – Hot – Cold! Midwest weather as usual – wait a few and it will change. Well the weather was good enuf that it pulled me to the golf course (priorities ya know!), but some stubborn ole IH guys once again trudged  to Johnny’s for grub and bull!

The next event is scheduled for August 11th.

I’m sure Lowell was there since we once again have photos (at least we need to keep telling his wife that story!). In addition, those present were Dave Green, Larry “Moon” Smith, Ron Dixon, Bill “Oscar” Briesch, Earl Gass, Jamie Horst, Joe Schaefer (sorry I missed ya Joe!), Terry Anderson, Blaine Arnold, Larry Harms and Frank Skafidas.

And here is the proof! (Say, are the dudes in the last photo asleep or saying grace?)


A winter heat wave!

February 16, 2017 by

What’s with this mild mild mild winter and temps near 50 (and going higher!) frequently – allowing outdoor activities to help reduce any new year cabin fever! Global warming? El Niño? Gulf Jet-stream? Who knows, but pretty sure  most are glad its the way it is!

Some usual suspects were at Johnny’s last Friday to talk behind peoples backs and in general, “dis” anyone not in attendance! Walt Zachmeyer, Larry Smith, me (Jack), Jim DeSplinter, Ron Dixon, Terry Anderson Blaine Arnold and Lowell St Photographer – er.. St Claire.

From memory – I think the next date is May 12th – if that’s not right, let me/us know!

Broken record!!!!

November 12, 2016 by

Yep – I missed another! I hadn’t really planned to still be playing golf in November – but since the weatherman is being cooperative, I’m out there!  Lowell reports the next date to be February 10th….doubt I’ll be playing golf then – but you never know!

From the photos it looks like Earl Gass, Ron Dixon, Dan Zumdome, Jim DeSplinter, Larry Harms, Blaine Arnold, Lowell (camerman), Dave Green, Terry Anderson, Walt Zachmeyer and Larry Smith were able to attend.

Happy & Healthy Holidays to all!

I’m gonna need a Dr’s slip!

August 18, 2016 by

Another absence – 2 in a row! I gotta quit volunteering for events I guess!  (John Deere Classic revised date this year – or as we love to call it “monsoon golf”!)  My apologies and I’ll do my best to make in on November 4th – the next gathering of the clan according to Saint.


Just one group photo this month (Lowell you gotta get a tripod or steadier hands!). From left going around the table would be Larry Smith, Larry Harms, Frank Skafidas, Dave Green, Earl Gass, a special visitor from the orient Bryan Ruegsegger, Terry Anderson , Blaine Arnold, Walt Zachmeyer and camera held by Lowell St. Claire.

Absentee ballot!

May 19, 2016 by

I wasn’t there. Golf takes priority men – sorry! But as you can see Frank Skafidas, Dave Green Bill Briesch, Ron Dixon, Dan Zumdome, Earl Gass, Blaine Arnold and Lowell St. Clair didn’t have tee times last Friday the 13th! OMG – hope no one actually had bad luck on the day!  (Lowell have someone take YOUR photo!)

I think the next lunch date is August 12th 11:30 same place.

Cold…windy…sunny…but getting closer!

February 19, 2016 by

Yep, its 2016 and February at that, so Spring is just around the corner! Of course the crew wintering south are not counting the days as are the “northerners”!

Still dining at Johnny’s. Still NO malt vinegar! But the menu choices are many and it seemed no one left hungry! That would include Larry Smith (brother Don, who passed away shortly after attending the last lunch, was missed), Terry Anderson, Earl Gass, Walt Zachmeyer, Frank Skafidas, Blaine Arnold, Lowell St. Claire (sorry Lowell I forgot to photo you!), Tom Taylor, Ron Dixon and your friendly blogger Jack Slater.

Next lunch date is May 13th. That’s right – FRIDAY the 13th!

Fall 2015 (Hey where’s Summer?)

November 19, 2015 by

That’s right, I missed (along with a few others) the Summer 2015 lunch date. Seems half of the bunch was a week off! Oh, well – we’re “old”, what else would you expect!

So moving forward as we all do, along with “Father Time, we did have a fall lunch date last Friday and as far as we all could tell, no one missed due to any confusion as to correct date.

Smaller group, typical of the “stayers” and “goers” phenomena that seems to occur annually when the weather starts getting cooler. I’m sure some “stayers” WISH they were “goers”! Of course, none of the following admitted that Friday – Lowell St. Claire, Larry Harms, Earl Gass, Terry Anderson, Larry & Don Smith and your friendly blogger (Jack Slater).

At any rate, ya’ll have a Happy Turkey Day, a fun filled Christmas Season and a healthy, bountiful New Year. Hope to see all who can attend next on February 12th.



Spring sprung 2015

May 14, 2015 by

Nice to see sun and feel heat (although some who winter in the south saw plenty in the last few months)!

One of the larger groups showed up this past Friday at Johnny’s Italian and Part Time IH Steakhouse! Lets see if I can get the whole group listed: Don and Larry Smith, Ron Dixon, Jim Scott, Terry Anderson, Dave Green, Steve and Jamie Horst, Earl Gass, Frank Skafidas, Lowel St Clair (of course he took the pix!), Jim DeSplinter, Joe Schafer, Larry Harm and your favorite blogger – Jack Slater.

Discussions were held at both ends of the table with neither end being able to hear the other. The “men in the middle” probably had the best vantage point. Note – there is STILL no Malt Vinegar so be sure to boycott the Fish & Chips Friday special!

Lowell scheduled the next date for Friday August 14th, same time same station.

Have a great summer ya’ll!

IMG_0625 IMG_0624

IMG_0623 IMG_0622

IMG_0631 IMG_0629

IMG_0627 IMG_0626

Winter 2015…

February 13, 2015 by

Well – each year seems pretty consistent (at least we’re still here another year to say that!) in that by February – winter does get a little old. I guess that’s what makes the arrival of spring so great! What helps is to have some long time friends and co-workers to visit with over lunch. Blaine Arnold, Larry Smith, Walt Zachmeyer, Terry Anderson, Joe Schaefer, Don Smith, Lowell St. Claire, Jim DeSplinter, Frank Skafidas and Dan Zumdome (me as well) made it out for a bite and to help celebrate Friday the 13th!

We wished those wintering as snow-birds the “best” of seasons in their absence and planned the next date for May 8th, 11:30 at Johnny’s again.  Hope to see y’all and more there on that day!

IMG_0545 IMG_0544

IMG_0542 IMG_0546


Holidays are here again – 2014 style…

November 13, 2014 by

All happy to be alive and “well” late in the fall of 2014 but sad to see the warmer daylight starting to wane as Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays prelude us into the winter of 2015.

Johnny’s lunch (with a hard to find waiter) fed Don and Larry Smith, Ron Dixon, Walt Zachmeyer, Jamie Horst, Earl Gass, Blaine Arnold, Terry Anderson and Lowell St. Claire. Where is Frank Skafidas anyway??? At any rate, the next date is set for February 13th – same time and location.

Wishing “y’all” happy holidays and a fresh, healthy new year!

IHguys2014 (1)    IHguys2014 (2)



IHguys2014 (3)  IHguys2014 (4)



IHguys2014 (5)


7 years of blogging but 10 years of meeting…

August 21, 2014 by

Quarterly lunch group discussed and decided that “it” had been meeting for about 10 years – give or take.  WOW! Time does fly… Suffice to say its a good feeling to still be meeting and seeing everyone that’s been with it for all this time.  Amazing and with luck we all stay the course.  Really great to see Don Smith back in action – despite him having to put up with brother Larry! Ha.

Along with Don and Larry, were Terry Anderson, Ron Dixon, Earl Gass, Blaine Arnold, Dave Green, Walt Zachmeyer, Lowell St. Clair (yes he really does attend!),  and Jack Slater.

Next lunch date is November 7th.  By then, the Bears should have the Central Division all locked up!

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May 15, 2014 by

As usual, the Midwest weather is a riddle yet to be solved with temps in the upper 80s one day and 40s the next! Geez!!! Our winter from “hell” is not giving up easily it seems. At any rate, another 3 months passed and IH men met again at Johnny’s. Dave Green, Earl Gass, Walt Zachmeyer, Larry Smith (with report on recovering brother Don), Terry Anderson, Frank Skafidas (missed photo op!), Blaine Arnold, Ron Dixon, Jamie & Steve Horst, Lowell St. Clair (photographer!) and Jack Slater (me!).

The food continues to be acceptable, service pretty good, and we do have a nice corner window seating arrangement. Unfortunately, Jamie is still having to supply the malt vinegar for the Friday Fish & Chips “special”!

Have a great summer season. Best of luck and health to all and hope to see you on the next lunch date which is August 15, 2014.


IMG_0233 IMG_0237 IMG_0238

What a winter!!!!

February 13, 2014 by

Gotta tell you – we’re “all” pretty much sick and tired of shoveling and/or blowing snow as well as setting new record low temps in the QC’s!  “All” qualified by the fact that “some” of the normal attendees are wintering in warmer climes!

8 IH’ers made the trek to Johnny’s and that included a new face – Earl Gass. Of course I forgot to get his new email address!  If anyone has that, please send to me. Along with Earl, other lunch-mates were Terry Anderson, Blaine Arnold, Frank Skafidas, Lowell St. Clair, Walt Zachmeyer, Ron Dixon and your’s truly.

Discussions were less about work related items it seemed and focused more on weather and retiree insurance options and worries.  In addition, most of the group learned of Don Smith’s misfortune, having incurred a stroke last November and is still hospitalized. Sad news that, and we wish him all the best and hope for a complete recovery.

Next date is May 9th, 2014 @ 11:30 – still at Johnny’s and hopefully by then we’ll be back to golf, yard work, etc.!

IMG_0219 photo

IMG_0217 IMG_0220

Another “holiday season” is fast approaching…

November 14, 2013 by

It’s November 2013 and in a few minutes Thanksgiving and Christmas will be a distant memory. The time is just flying by. Thankful for the fact that all the “old” regulars were either in attendance or had a plausible excuse for not attending! Thanks to Lowell St. Claire for once again taking pics (of Terry Anderson, Dave Green, Don and Larry Smith, Frank Skafidas, Larry Harm, Ron Dixon, Blaine Arnold and Jack Slater) for us to post here.

Ya’ll have a “thankful” Thanksgiving, a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year! See you next time on February 7th.

IMG_0189 IMG_0186

IMG_0191 IMG_0192IMG_0195

Coolest summer on record (or at least in memory!)…

August 15, 2013 by

The summer lunch group outing with the “ole” IH Guys took place during a string of days with temps in the upper 70s and lower 80s with seemingly little or no humidity, which is nearly unheard of for the QCA in the summer months. At any rate, it seems as though all are thoroughly enjoying it and hoping it stays in the area for the next 4-6 weeks.

Johnny’s Italian served their Friday special (Fish & Chips) WITH malt vinegar thanks to Jamie Horst BYOB!  Way to go Jamie!  A few obits, naming IH to Deere transferees, and several news items were discussed at all areas of the table but due to the large group in attendance, not all folks were privy to all stories but it seems as though all had enough to digest besides their meals.

Attending were Lowell St. Claire (photos), Ron Dixon, Dave Green, Steve and Jamie Horst, Terry Anderson, Jack Slater (blogger), Larry and Don Smith, Blaine Arnold, Frank Skafidas, Bill Briesch, and Royce Hall (1st timer).

Next up is November 8th – same time – same place. See ya’ll then!

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May flowers bring April showers????

May 10, 2013 by

Seems as though our weather is going backwards to rainy, cold, windy and cloudy! Oh the good ole’ Midwest weather! Never a dull moment but also never a better time for Johnny’s and IH guys! A big turnout today with Lowell St. Clair taking photos, Ron Dixon, Walt Zachmeyer, Larry Smith, Dave Green, Jamie Horst, Dan Zumdome, Larry Harm, Steve Horst, Blaine Arnold, Joe Rossi, Frank Skafidas and Terry Anderson.

Good to see a new face and some long missed ones!

Next lunch is Friday August 9th. Have a great summer!

IMG_0415 IMG_0418

IMG_0413 IMG_0414

IMG_0412 IMG_0410

IMG_0409 IMG_0407

photo IMG_0405

IMG_0406 IMG_0416

Another mild winter…

February 8, 2013 by

And a few happy retirees not having to shovel anything but rain this winter for the most part! Lowell St. Claire, Blaine Arnold, Ron Dixon, Terry Anderson, Frank Skafidas, Russ Embree, Jack Slater and Don Smith made it out for the lunch at Johnny’s. Topics included last nights BIG Illini win over Hoosiers, local and national weather forecasting and media overreaction to all of our “Armageddon” type storms, Trim Line pay station smoke and mirrors, recent obits and a fair amount of bad employee bashing. None of which seemed to slow anyone’s food intake.

Next  up May 10th. Hope to see you all there.

IMG_0400 IMG_0403

IMG_0401 IMG_0404