Spring sprung 2015


Nice to see sun and feel heat (although some who winter in the south saw plenty in the last few months)!

One of the larger groups showed up this past Friday at Johnny’s Italian and Part Time IH Steakhouse! Lets see if I can get the whole group listed: Don and Larry Smith, Ron Dixon, Jim Scott, Terry Anderson, Dave Green, Steve and Jamie Horst, Earl Gass, Frank Skafidas, Lowel St Clair (of course he took the pix!), Jim DeSplinter, Joe Schafer, Larry Harm and your favorite blogger – Jack Slater.

Discussions were held at both ends of the table with neither end being able to hear the other. The “men in the middle” probably had the best vantage point. Note – there is STILL no Malt Vinegar so be sure to boycott the Fish & Chips Friday special!

Lowell scheduled the next date for Friday August 14th, same time same station.

Have a great summer ya’ll!

IMG_0625 IMG_0624

IMG_0623 IMG_0622

IMG_0631 IMG_0629

IMG_0627 IMG_0626


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