A winter heat wave!


What’s with this mild mild mild winter and temps near 50 (and going higher!) frequently – allowing outdoor activities to help reduce any new year cabin fever! Global warming? El Niño? Gulf Jet-stream? Who knows, but pretty sure  most are glad its the way it is!

Some usual suspects were at Johnny’s last Friday to talk behind peoples backs and in general, “dis” anyone not in attendance! Walt Zachmeyer, Larry Smith, me (Jack), Jim DeSplinter, Ron Dixon, Terry Anderson Blaine Arnold and Lowell St Photographer – er.. St Claire.

From memory – I think the next date is May 12th – if that’s not right, let me/us know!


One Response to “A winter heat wave!”

  1. Steve Horst Says:

    Nice job Jack and Saint!! Hope to see everyone in May ..


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