Fall 2015 (Hey where’s Summer?)


That’s right, I missed (along with a few others) the Summer 2015 lunch date. Seems half of the bunch was a week off! Oh, well – we’re “old”, what else would you expect!

So moving forward as we all do, along with “Father Time, we did have a fall lunch date last Friday and as far as we all could tell, no one missed due to any confusion as to correct date.

Smaller group, typical of the “stayers” and “goers” phenomena that seems to occur annually when the weather starts getting cooler. I’m sure some “stayers” WISH they were “goers”! Of course, none of the following admitted that Friday – Lowell St. Claire, Larry Harms, Earl Gass, Terry Anderson, Larry & Don Smith and your friendly blogger (Jack Slater).

At any rate, ya’ll have a Happy Turkey Day, a fun filled Christmas Season and a healthy, bountiful New Year. Hope to see all who can attend next on February 12th.




One Response to “Fall 2015 (Hey where’s Summer?)”

  1. chico905 Says:

    Great looking group!! Happy Thanksgiving to all … steve

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