Cold…windy…sunny…but getting closer!


Yep, its 2016 and February at that, so Spring is just around the corner! Of course the crew wintering south are not counting the days as are the “northerners”!

Still dining at Johnny’s. Still NO malt vinegar! But the menu choices are many and it seemed no one left hungry! That would include Larry Smith (brother Don, who passed away shortly after attending the last lunch, was missed), Terry Anderson, Earl Gass, Walt Zachmeyer, Frank Skafidas, Blaine Arnold, Lowell St. Claire (sorry Lowell I forgot to photo you!), Tom Taylor, Ron Dixon and your friendly blogger Jack Slater.

Next lunch date is May 13th. That’s right – FRIDAY the 13th!


2 Responses to “Cold…windy…sunny…but getting closer!”

  1. chico905 Says:

    Thanks for the updates and pictures … looking forward to the next get-together!!


  2. JoeRossi Says:

    Sorry to hear about Don. I never knew

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