As usual, the Midwest weather is a riddle yet to be solved with temps in the upper 80s one day and 40s the next! Geez!!! Our winter from “hell” is not giving up easily it seems. At any rate, another 3 months passed and IH men met again at Johnny’s. Dave Green, Earl Gass, Walt Zachmeyer, Larry Smith (with report on recovering brother Don), Terry Anderson, Frank Skafidas (missed photo op!), Blaine Arnold, Ron Dixon, Jamie & Steve Horst, Lowell St. Clair (photographer!) and Jack Slater (me!).

The food continues to be acceptable, service pretty good, and we do have a nice corner window seating arrangement. Unfortunately, Jamie is still having to supply the malt vinegar for the Friday Fish & Chips “special”!

Have a great summer season. Best of luck and health to all and hope to see you on the next lunch date which is August 15, 2014.


IMG_0233 IMG_0237 IMG_0238


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