What a winter!!!!


Gotta tell you – we’re “all” pretty much sick and tired of shoveling and/or blowing snow as well as setting new record low temps in the QC’s!  “All” qualified by the fact that “some” of the normal attendees are wintering in warmer climes!

8 IH’ers made the trek to Johnny’s and that included a new face – Earl Gass. Of course I forgot to get his new email address!  If anyone has that, please send to me. Along with Earl, other lunch-mates were Terry Anderson, Blaine Arnold, Frank Skafidas, Lowell St. Clair, Walt Zachmeyer, Ron Dixon and your’s truly.

Discussions were less about work related items it seemed and focused more on weather and retiree insurance options and worries.  In addition, most of the group learned of Don Smith’s misfortune, having incurred a stroke last November and is still hospitalized. Sad news that, and we wish him all the best and hope for a complete recovery.

Next date is May 9th, 2014 @ 11:30 – still at Johnny’s and hopefully by then we’ll be back to golf, yard work, etc.!

IMG_0219 photo

IMG_0217 IMG_0220


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