May flowers bring April showers????


Seems as though our weather is going backwards to rainy, cold, windy and cloudy! Oh the good ole’ Midwest weather! Never a dull moment but also never a better time for Johnny’s and IH guys! A big turnout today with Lowell St. Clair taking photos, Ron Dixon, Walt Zachmeyer, Larry Smith, Dave Green, Jamie Horst, Dan Zumdome, Larry Harm, Steve Horst, Blaine Arnold, Joe Rossi, Frank Skafidas and Terry Anderson.

Good to see a new face and some long missed ones!

Next lunch is Friday August 9th. Have a great summer!

IMG_0415 IMG_0418

IMG_0413 IMG_0414

IMG_0412 IMG_0410

IMG_0409 IMG_0407

photo IMG_0405

IMG_0406 IMG_0416


One Response to “May flowers bring April showers????”

  1. swh Says:

    Great day … great group. Thanks for the pictures and the notes.

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