Another mild winter…


And a few happy retirees not having to shovel anything but rain this winter for the most part! Lowell St. Claire, Blaine Arnold, Ron Dixon, Terry Anderson, Frank Skafidas, Russ Embree, Jack Slater and Don Smith made it out for the lunch at Johnny’s. Topics included last nights BIG Illini win over Hoosiers, local and national weather forecasting and media overreaction to all of our “Armageddon” type storms, Trim Line pay station smoke and mirrors, recent obits and a fair amount of bad employee bashing. None of which seemed to slow anyone’s food intake.

Next  up May 10th. Hope to see you all there.

IMG_0400 IMG_0403

IMG_0401 IMG_0404


3 Responses to “Another mild winter…”

  1. Steve Horst Says:

    Wow … Russ looks younger every time he shows up! Great pictures and a nice recap …hope to see everyone on the 10th …

  2. Jamie Says:

    GREAT pics! I haven’t made any of these, but I sure do plan to be there on the 10th of May. It looks like everyone is enjoying the camaraderie and the food!!

  3. Russ Minard Says:

    bunch of old farts

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