We got pix again…


Lowell was back at the quarterly lunch at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse with his trusty camera so we have proof of attendance for those of you needing an alibi.  Ron Dixon was a new face and broke bread with Terry Anderson, Larry Harm, Steve Horst, Blaine Arnold, Frank Skafidas, Lowell St. Clair, Walt Zachmeyer, Larry Smith and Jack Slater.

The next event is planned for February 19th, 2010!  Man the time is flying……………

By the way – rumor has it that John Wayne said, “Life is hard; it’s harder if your stupid”.


One Response to “We got pix again…”

  1. Steve Horst Says:

    Another good time … Bill Jordan took a beating, but hopefully will be able to attend the next meeting and defend himself … D.Smith was probably helping to reduce the deer population, while D. Green was keeping all the gas stations between here and California up and running. Gentleman farmer R.Embree was adding to his fortune, while J.Rossi and J.Erickson were mystery no-shows.

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