Saint not there so no pix!


Quarterly chow meet-up with the old IH guys was Friday, August 21st, 2009 and before I forget it, the next date is November 13th, 11:30  (eek – Friday the 13th!).  Lets see how I do on attendance.  Larry Smith, Don Smith, Frank Skafidas, Joe Rossi, Larry Harm, Walt Zachmeyer, Terry Anderson, Steve Horst, and Paul Rouse.  Also, a “special guest” who crashed the party was Terry Daniels, a not so old ex-IH guy.  If I’ve left someone out, please feel free to drop a line and I’ll update.

A few world problems were solved and we generally agreed we all could be in for a long 4 to 8 years.  Most of the discussions were generalized bull with a few “hey do you remember”s.

Lunch at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse was pretty tasty with a nifty box of “free” cookies available for desert.  I think we’re eating here again in November but a few folks mentioned that The Captains Table has reopened so that may be a future location.

Happy Halloween!


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