Hello “Noobs”…


Good turn out today.  Lowell St. Clair, Terry Anderson, Larry and Don Smith, Jan Erickson, Jim VanStechelman, Joe Rossi, Dave Green, Frank Skafidas, and yes, a few “noobs” too.  Say hello to Terry Daniels, Joe Schafer, and Dan Zumdome.  A few notables were absent.  Steve Horst (working at Saskatoon – Great White North), Paul Rouse (back to work at McLaughlin), me (schedule conflict with mom) and a few others but bottom line, a good showing today.  If any of you have thoughts to add please do so in a comment below the posting.  Lowell had to cut out early but did get some photos.

How about some email addresses for Larry Smith (I know, I know), Joe Schaefer, Jim VanStechelman, and Terry Daniels.  And I’m looking for a revised email address for Larry Harm and Frank Skafidas.  Anyone got something?

Well anyway, have a great holiday.  Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year to all.  Next lunch is March 6th .


3 Responses to “Hello “Noobs”…”

  1. Don Smith Says:

    Great lunch. Great way to stay in touch with our many friends and co-workers. Merry Christmas and a Happy prosperous healthy New Year to all.

  2. Steve Says:

    What a great gathering … sorry I missed it, but we’re trying to build planters in friggin’ Saskatoon. 34 below one day … Oh my!
    To all … a Merry Christmas … Hope to see you in March.

  3. Terry Daniels Says:

    It was great seeing everyone.

    Terry Daniels
    Customer Solutions Manager
    Advanced Technology Solutions
    Fairfax, IA
    Cell: 319-310-0152
    Home: 563-659-2630

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