July’s lunch was a “Go”, no flood!


Once again I had to skip the fun (I’ve got too many irons in the fire!).  1 more miss and I’m sure I’ll be up for disciplinary action!  At any rate, a distinguished group rolled (someone in new wheels it looks like) in to The Captains Table.  Interesting year so far what with primary elections that include 2 minorities, steeply rising gas costs (and others), increased interest in global warming and thinking “green”, higher insurance costs, floods of record magnitude, and lots of other interesting life events.

Enough editorializing – sorry!  Todays’ attendees (if my memory is close) were Larry Harm, Paul Rouse, Russ Embree, Dave Green, Lowell St. Clair, Don Smith, Steve Horst, Frank Skafidas, Bill Jordan, Terry Anderson, Larry Smith, and special guest, Vern Burns.

The date for lunch next is September 19th – at 11:30 again.  Same place.

Photos courtesy of Lowell – thanks.


2 Responses to “July’s lunch was a “Go”, no flood!”

  1. Steve Says:

    Another good get together (and we still haven’t been asked to take our business elsewhere) … Dave Green left his dump truck idling in the parking lot just to stop in, say ‘hi’, and figure out the bill!! … Bill Jordan showed up because he was afraid if he didn’t the rest of the group would come to Kewanee!! Vern made the trek from some golf course in Minnesota called Flour Mill to act as Paul’s personal chauffer, while Terry and Steve were left to realize they had been replaced. Oh, well … can’t wait for the Sept. meeting.
    It was great to see Hemp at the meeting as well … and ‘thanks’ to our fearless camera man Lowell supported by Don ‘Shooter’ Smith at the other end of the table!

  2. Walt Z Says:

    Another missed meeting with the IH stars. Seems that they are always scheduled when I have to go out of town.
    Was in WI ( Elkhart Lake )for the races in July and will be in Effingham IL in Sept for the Corvette get together.
    I am not telling anyone when I am going again in Oct. and Nov. May be able to attend.
    Miss seeing everyone all summer.

    Walt Z

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