Good thing you guys took notes…


This time I had the date wrong by a week! I’ll be showing up NEXT Friday, 4/25. I know, I know, Materials guy late as usual! Oh well…

Some of the “usual suspects” and some newbies in attendance at today’s rainy lunch at The Captains Table. Those reported to me are: Larry Harm, Paul Rouse, Jan Erikson, Dave Green, Lowell St. Clair, Don Smith, Steve Horst, Frank Skafidas, Walt Zachmeyer, Terry Anderson, and Larry Smith.

I heard that 2 visitors stopped by as well – Butch DeBlieck and Tom Hanson (never know if its “e” or “o”).

Next gathering is July 18th, same location. Pictures from today courtesy of Lowell St. Clair – thanks.


3 Responses to “Good thing you guys took notes…”

  1. Steve Says:

    next meeting will be at jack’s house … that way he’ll have a better chance of making it …

  2. Terry Daniels Says:

    Frank sent this link to me via e-mail. It was great to see pictures of all the guys. Thanks, Lowell. I miss the people and the good times. I am going to try and make one of these future gatherings.

    Take care and Go Cubbies, TD

  3. frankskafidas Says:

    It was sure great to see everyone and Im looking foward to the next event.already. I tried to call bill jordan but no answer left him message told he missed a good time and that larry smith was wondering about delores meat loaf which is a standing joke between larry and delores. Was also good to see paul rouse. Enjoy the good weather see everyone in July

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