January (Snowy Deepfreeze) get-together…


The group of hungry, old, ailing, retired boys met again today at the usual place (Captain’s Table) for some chow and laughs. I had to leave early but I think everyone got plenty of both for lunch! The guys that braved the cold snowy day were Al Collins (1st timer I think), Bill Jordan, Don & Larry Smith, Frank Skafidas, Jan Erickson, Joe Rossi, Steve Horst, Terry Anderson, Lowell St.Clair and your’s truly.

Keep in mind that neither Larry or Al are wired (yet) so they won’t see this posting. Any communications with them should be done by overland stage coach and/or pony express. (come on you two, get with it!)

The next social outing is set for Friday April 18th, 11:30 AM at – you guessed it – Captain’s Table. I know we’re all hoping to be in warmer weather with no snow on the ground when we arrive.

We didn’t get any new pics today – someone has got to be the designated camera guy!


3 Responses to “January (Snowy Deepfreeze) get-together…”

  1. Steve Says:

    I think we laughed more today then all the other times put together … and we still haven’t been thrown out. In fact, Wanda was happy to take our reservation for April … maybe the fact we only show up once a quarter works to our benefit. Anyway, a great time … can’t wait for the 18th.
    Jack missed one attendee … Dave Green was there courtesy of Jan’s cell phone and helped us figure the bill out ….

  2. Don Smith Says:

    Best lunch yet! All looked well and prosperous. This is a good thing we have going. Looking forward to the 18th of April. Cheers to all Don

  3. Walt Zachmeyer Says:

    Hi All
    I am back from Georgia and am planning to attend the next meeting.
    Spent the last 7 weeks at my brothers in Villa Rica GA. Weather was better than Iowa and I will get to have two Springs this year.
    See you on the 18th
    Walt Z

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