I missed the meeting!


Table full

Only because I had another commitment, and sorry I had to pass on today’s gathering. Those in attendance today were Don & Larry Smith, Walt Zachmeyer, Larry Harms (1st timer), Russ Embree (1st timer), Frank Skafidas, Jan Erickson, Joe Rossi, Steve Horst, Terry Anderson, and Lowell St.Clair. I’m sure some of you will add comments to this post to pass along the main subjects talked about today (I’m sure world hunger was probably solved!). Lowell was good enough to snap some photos.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 25th, 2008 – same time, same place. Happy Holidays to all!


4 Responses to “I missed the meeting!”

  1. 1maverickmchsicom Says:

    Interesting and fun meeting as always. Lots of laughs and story telling.(some Tall of course) Good to see Russ and Larry (first timers.) GO MOLINE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL. CHEERS. Don

  2. Terry Anderson Says:

    We were loud a boisterous as usual. Glad to see Russ and Larry. Social Security hot topic

  3. Bill Jordan Says:

    Sorry I Missed the meeting. Had another commitment in Grand Rapids Michigan. I imagine a lot of laughs (and BULL) Wont miss the next one.

  4. Walt Zachmeyer Says:

    Great to see everybody. I haven’t seen Russ Embree or Larry Harm for quite a few years.
    Thanks to Saint for the photo’s but who are all the old guys in the pictures?
    We seem to have enough old stories to fill a book.
    Lots of memories of lots of years at East Moline. It is good to remember the good times and not the bad. I think we had more good times than bad.
    Larry Smith does not have internet


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